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Please fill in the form below, we are happy to answer any questions you may have and on request we can send you up to date rates for every company doing business in Vermont for the 10 standardized Medicare Supplement plans that are available. 


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Shopping for a Medicare Supplement?

The Center for Medicare (CMS) has standardized 10 different plans to choose from to supplement your Medicare Part A and B. What this means is that every company with a like named policy such as a "Plan N" has exactly the same coverage. Even though 2 companies may be offering a plan with exactly the same coverage, they all charge different premiums! That's where we come in! We can find the best plan for you at the lowest cost offered, sometimes saving hundreds or even thousands of dollars a year! It's all about being well informed! Please click below and take a look at the Standardized Medicare Supplement plans and what they cover. If you'd like to see an up to date chart of all the rates from every company in Vermont, please message us using the form to the right. They change often, but we are on top of it!

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